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Just a 21 year old Toronto male with a blog dedicated to eating pussy. I don't own any content on this blog unless I say so. If you have any videos or posts you think would suit this blog, feel free to submit! I love getting submissions :) Oh, and PLEASE read the FAQ before asking questions!
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  • OMG can you post the GIF in your header thanks

    Asked by Anonymous

    If I can find it I will :)

    I WANNA BE IN YOUR BED RIGHT NOW AND GIVE YOU A FUCKING BLOWJOB AND THEN WE COULD TAKE OFF OUR CLOTHES AND MAKE OUT. I JUST WANNA FEEL YOUR MOUTH ON MY CLITORIS, YOU CAN SUCK ME AND EAT ME AND MAKE ME FEEL AN AMAZING ORGASM. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I think you taste amazing too. your dick on my mouth would be everything mmm xxx everytime i see your blog i wanna tell you too fuck me hard for hours ! Eat me please, talk to me dirty

    Asked by Anonymous

    Woah there, no need to yell at me haha ๐Ÿ˜œ

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