Real Men Eat Pussy.
Just a 21 year old Toronto male with a blog dedicated to eating pussy. I don't own any content on this blog unless I say so. If you have any videos or posts you think would suit this blog, feel free to submit! I love getting submissions :) Oh, and PLEASE read the FAQ before asking questions!
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  • ive allways wantedto be eaten out =3

    Asked by Anonymous

    You’ll find someone to help you live out that dream one day, don’t worry :P

    Had to follow. You have one great blog. It's nice to know that there are men out there who love the art of pleasuring a woman.

    Asked by itslisarenea

    Thanks for the follow :) and they’re still out there. Some guys just don’t like to admit that they do it lol

    hey my boyfriend dsnt necessarily lik eating me out. He did it 4 the first time a little while ago & said he didnt really like the taste.he did it for a 2nd time for 3 seconds & just stoped then fingered me insted. He said he spoke to his mates they all said that all chicks are diff. & that its bcuse its not clean, some taste like nothing & some r a little tastefull, but apparently 4 it to taste better u have to clean it properly. is there a way i can make it taste of nothing? or more appetising

    Asked by luxxeasfvck

    Avoid red meats and eat more fruits like pineapple or strawberries. Your diet effects the way that you taste

    Are you going to "The Beatles: The Lost Concert" movie premier in a few weeks?

    Asked by Anonymous

    Nope, never even heard of the movie.

    i'm gay and this blog turns me on... awkward

    Asked by Anonymous

    Lol meh not really :P

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