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  • johnnycastlefan:

    It’s 1:11, make a wish! While u enjoy @thejohnnycastle eating out @LizzXXXTayler.

    And yes, MY wish would be for this to happen to me :P I’m telling y’all, if this is HALF as good as it looks … *shiver*

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen JC THIS up close AND from this particular angle while he has his perfect mouth on a woman’s pussy. And I’m usually NOT wanting to be all close-up to the action, which makes most porn not too fun to watch for me.

    But this right here? These last 2 GIFS of his gorgeous face between her thighs, and those plush lips opening up so his wicked tongue can GO TO TOWN on her? 

    Lord have mercyyyyyyy *fans self & collapses in a quivering heap on the floor*

    I only WISH THIS ANGLE was used more often cuz we’d get the benefit of a much better view of Johnny’s handsome face while the pussy eating is happening & everybody WINS!

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