Real Men Eat Pussy.
Just a 21 year old Toronto male with a blog dedicated to eating pussy. I don't own any content on this blog unless I say so. If you have any videos or posts you think would suit this blog, feel free to submit! I love getting submissions :) Oh, and PLEASE read the FAQ before asking questions!
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  • I live in Hamilton too c;

    Asked by Anonymous

    Ahh so now all of my fellow Torontonians are coming out of the woodwork *evil laigh*

    thanks for this blog, I had lost all hope that men liked to get women off, so much selfishness in the world now, I constantly read or see it every where especially porn, only lesbians eat pussy according to porn, oh here are some facts you might like , the men who do eat pussy and like it is because in all mammals the male is stimulated to want to fuck the female more thru the scent of females genitals, true,

    Asked by Anonymous
    Oh fuck you live in Toronto??? I live in Hamilton! Please come eat my pussy!

    Asked by Anonymous

    Yup, born and raised ;) Hamilton’s pretty far idk…

    It turns me on when im thinking about the man behind this blog. Nice blog anyways ;)

    Asked by Anonymous

    Well don’t be a stranger, say hi on my personal blog :) and thank you

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